7 Day Juice Cleanse Recipes – Best Juice Plan for Weight Loss

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Juice is an essential part of health and diet. The colorful fruit and vegetable juice can help to detoxify the body and support your weight loss. If you want to prepare juicing recipes for health, it is most important to drink fruits and vegetable juice. In this compression, we discuss the 7 day juice cleanse recipes and answer common questions about the juicing recipes.

Everybody wants to fresh, clear, and active after drinking juice. We have therefore tested popular juice cures for juice detox and get 7 day juice cleanse results. Lets we start to best juice cleanse for 7 days.

First Day- Drinking Green Juice

Drinking Green Juice

If you want, Prepare celery, lemon, and ginner juice; now you can start. You need 10 minutes for preparation time, and you will get 800 ml calories from this juice.


  • Palm kale or kale 100 gram
  • Spinach 100 gram
  • Celery sticks 150 gram
  • Cucumber with skin 300 gram
  • Lemon 100 gram
  • Ginger with peel 10 gram


All materials are well-cut, which means it feet your juicer and all ingredients put on your juicer and push the bottom of juice. Then your juicing is started, and juice comes out of the juicer outlet, and your juice is ready to drink.

If you enjoy its test best, you should immediately drink it, and if you want to keep it, you should take it refrigerator and drink it for a maximum of 24 hours.

Second day- Pineapple Juice 

Pineapple juice

You take your second day of juicing with Pineapple juice; it is high calories juice and will avail to prepare 750 ml juice in 10 minutes and also; you can also enjoy this juice with pear, orange, ginger, and lime.


  • Pineapple 300 gram
  • Pear with skin 220 gram
  • Orange peel 200 gram
  • Lime with peel 30 gram
  • Ginger with peel 7 gram


First, you feel the Pineapple and orange on the accurate size of your juicer. Then cut all other ingredients in sound size. Put all ingredients in a juicer and push on your juicer start button; after 5 minutes, you will get your Pineapple juice. It would be best to drink it immediately for the best test or keep it in your refrigerator and drink in 24 hours.

The third day- Drink Apple Juice.

Apple Juice

Everybody loves to drink apple juice; if you want to drink fresh and healthy apple juice with zucchini, mint, and lemon, you should start with this process.


  • Apple pieces with seeds 200 gram
  • Zucchini 400 gram
  • Mint 15 gram
  • Lemon peel 20 gram


All ingredients are well cut and fit with your juicer, and then you put all your ingredients in juicing panel. After complete, this process pushes your juicer’s start button; after 5 minutes, you will get 500 ml high calories of apple juice.

To get a better result, you should drink the juice immediately or serve it to your family member. You can also take in your refrigerator and drink in on 24 yours to get goods results.  

Day Four- Carrot Juice 

Carrot Juice

If you want the best tasting juice cleanse recipes for your routine, you can prepare the carrot juice in your 4 day juice cleanse plan. The prepare 400 ml calories carrot juice with turmeric and lemon now follow the instruction.


  • Carrots 600 gram
  • Apples with skin and seeds 200 gram
  • Orange 200 gram
  • Turmeric 20 gram
  • Lemon 15 gram and 1-2 pinch (s) black pepper.


Peel all ingredients in actual size to adjust your juicer. Put every one of the fixings in your cold press juicer machine and press the juicer button. After 5 minutes, you will find your juicing is complete and take it to your juice outlet. Take the pure carrot juice into a bottle; add pepper, and close the bottle. Also, shake it well.

For best joy its test, you should drink quickly or put it in the refrigerator to cold it. It would help if you drank juice maximum of 24 hours.

Day Five with Beetroot Juice

 Beetroot Juice

You can start your morning with beetroot juice. To prepare health and test juice, you need beetroot with strawberries, orange, and ginger.


  • Fresh beetroot 200 gram
  • Beetroot leaves with stems 50 gram
  • Strawberries with stems 250 gram
  • Orange’s peeled300 gram
  • Ginger peel 5 gram


Peel the orange and ginger accurate size. All ingredients wash in well-remaining and put it in the juicer. Then push the press bottom and start crushing all fruits. After 5 min, all fruits are made in liquate and release the juice in the juice outlet; when this process complete, you are ready to drink beetroot juice.

You can now serve the liquid to your family and your guest. To get a better result, you should take the juice in 24 hours.

Day Six- Celery Juice 

Celery Juice

If you want to control your diet, celery juice is essential, and you get 100 percent pure celery juice. Now, you can process the celery juice on the juicer and get 350 ml calories of juice.


  • Celery 590 gram


Start to cut the celery stalk. Wash the sticks well and pieces them into 4-6 cm long. Now shift all celery pieces on your slow juicer and press it to the pressing plant with the corresponding tamper. More juice comes into the juice outlet; then, your juice is ready. Enjoy the best test immediately and take it refrigerator in few hours.

7 Day Juice Cleanse Recipes with Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice

Watermelon is the most common fruit in the world. It is the most healthy fruit; get it to juice with strawberries and follow the instructions.  


  • Watermelon, peeled with seeds 50 grams
  • Strawberries with stalk 125 gram


Quarter the watermelon and remove the pulp. Then cut to fit the feed chute of your juicer and wash the strawberries carefully. Put all the components in the funnel of the juicer.

Push the juicing button; after a few minutes, your juice is ready, and release it to your juice outlet.

You can keep it in your refrigerator, drink it for a maximum of 24 hours, and drink it immediately to get better results.

What is the Best Tasting 7 day juice cleanse recipes?

If you want to test delicious juice on your juice cleanse routine, you should drink different types on different days because you will find other tests, vitamins, and minerals.

To make your 7 day juice cleanse recipes you should take different fruits and vegetables on your recopies. You can take other fruits, like apples, carry, watermelon, strawberries, orange, Pineapple, and various vegetables in your routine.

Which Juice Cleanse is the Best?

Juice cleanse depends on your food testing; your fruits are chosen and many more if you are eating tested. There are many juices cleanse; you take any cleanse for your healthy life. It has 3 day juice cleanse recipes, 3 day juice cleanses weight loss, 7 day juice cleanses weight loss. In our recommendation, we say that the 7 day juice cleanse recipes are the best.

I want to know can I drink coffee on a juice cleanse?

No coffee has caffeine; alcohol is a harmful effect on your health. So it would be best if you drank fruit juice and vegetable juice, which is better for your health. If you drink alcohol which affects your health, your sugar level will be high. So it would be top if you took 7 day juice cleanse recipe plan.

Final Finding

To enjoy your life, you should eat a variety of foods. If it is juice, you will be available to high performance to control your diet. It would be best if you managed to take over carbohydrates food and hold your unsaturated fat. You can enjoy fruits and vegetables; it is best to take 7 day juice cleanse recipes.

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