Granite Cutting Board Pros and Cons and Buying Guideline

Generally, when you want to slice something in your kitchen, you like to look like a smoothie and knife-safe cutting board. It is also more important to safes your knife during the cutting period. Most of the shape does not like to sharpen their knife again when they sliced or cut something on their kitchen. So the granite cutting board is different to cut or slice something like plastic or wooden cutting board. If you carefully read this article, you will find here granite cutting board pros and cons, and also you will find buying guidelines for granite cutting board.

What is Granite Cutting Board?

Granite is one kind of marble stone, the manufacturer manufactures it in their factory for kitchen cutting or slicing surfaces. It is a durable and non-toxic surface that is knife safe and suitable for long-time work. So you do not worry about viruses or bacteria when you are cutting something in your kitchen.

If you like to cut something in your kitchen directly, it is suitable for cutting the granite or marble cutting board surface. Your knife will not take any effect on cutting it. However, the cutting board is the most valuable countertop cutting board for your kitchen.

Types of Cutting Boards

If you learn to know the type of cutting board, you will find a wooden cutting board, wood chopping board, plastic cutting board, plastic chopping board, marble cutting board, stone cutting board, rubber cutting board, Urthware cutting board, and granite stone cutting board.

What kind of cutting board do you want to use in your kitchen it is defended on your mentality. If you do not adequately maintain a wooden non-toxic cutting board, it has the chance to stay viruses and bacteria on your chopping board. But the marble or granite cutting board is different from them.

The Granite Cutting Board Pros and Cons

Granite Cutting Board

The granite or marble cutting board is different from the wooden cutting board. It is a virus and bacteria-safe cutting board and now find pros and cons of granite cutting board.

Pros of Granite Cutting Board

  • 1. The granite cutting board is functional, pretty, and heavy.
  • 2. It is harder than your knife surface, so the knife surface does not breakdown
  • 3. Its maintenance is easy
  • 4. After using it, is washing process is not so hard
  • 5. You do not worry about viruses & bacteria for reuse.
  • 6. The most beautiful thing about the cutting board for its durability.
  • 7. Granite or marble chopping board is harder than other chopping boards, like wood, plastic, or rubber.
  • 8. It is a more attractive, beautiful, unique pattern board, and its finish quality is more outstanding.
  • 9. The granite board is heavy and has distinct aesthetics
  • 10. The granite board surface is more functional. It can be used as hot pots, trivets, and also chopping boards.
  • 11. The board is also suitable for use as rolling dough

Cons of Granite Cutting Board

  • You will not find any significant disadvantage of granite or stone board, but its main cons are the products is expensive. It causes the materials of the products to be not cheap, and they are usually associated with classy and prestigious kitchens.  
  • The board surface is too hard, so you should care extra for the knife when you chop your kitchen. You should also extra-care when you use it for another purpose like a dough-roller.
  • The granite or marble surfaces is known as the dull, chip, and even break blades altogether. So you should be careful when you use it because the harder surface is the case for damage to the knife edge.
  • After all, if you carefully maintenance it, you will use it regularly on your family instant use as a regular cutting board.
  • The other cons of the board are if it damage, it will not be renewable, or you will not reuse it.

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The End of the Cutting Board

In the final observation, the granite is one of the best chopping boards if you properly maintain it. The granite cutting board pros and cons are many, so when you take desiccation to purchase aboard. You should carefully read the granite board’s advantages and disadvantages and also should carefully follow them.

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