How Much Water Required for 1 kg Rice

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If you are newer to cooking rice but do not know how much water required for 1 kg rice, this article is for you. I will give you an answer, but I need to know which rice, white rice or brown rice, you will cook. If you cook white rice, you need less water, but if you cook brown rice, you need more water than white rice. You will know the rice to water ratio calculator formula if you read this article carefully.

How much water needed to cook rice

How much water needed to cook rice depends on which type of rice you will cook. Most chefs use a 1:2.5 ratio for cooking rice. It means 1 kg rice for 2.5-liter water and brings to a boil, let craters develop remove from the cover. The ratio mostly depends on brown rice, but when you cook white rice, its ratio is 1:1, which means 1 kg of rice for 1 liter of water. And this formula is suitable for an oven. When cooking rice in a rice cooking pot, the ratio may be higher if needed, but don’t worry when the water is over after cooking rice and remove less water from the rice.

How much water required for 1 kg rice in details

How much water required for 1 kg rice in details

1 kg rice or 1 kilo means 1000 grams. If you cook brown rice, you need 2.5 liters or 2,500 ml water for 1 kg rice or 1-kilo brown rice. When you cook white rice, the water level may increase or decrease for white rice. In addition, stir the rice constantly, and then one transparent add water to cover. Once the pot is in, check it every 10 minutes for water absorption. If the water is gone, add a little more water until cooked fluffy, and has no hardness. Once you make rice like this, you will become an expert in no time.

How much water for 10 cups of rice

10 cups of rice equal 1kg or 1 kilogram or 1000 grams. When going to 10 cups of rice in a rice cooker or oven, you need 2.5 liters or 25000 ml water. The water ratio may increase or decrease rice and cooker heat variation.

Another rice to water ratio calculator is 10 cups equal to 80 ounces, divided by 16, and you come up with five. So five 16-ounce bottles equal 80 ounces or 10 cups, and if you follow the formula of 1:1, you need 80 ounces or 10 cups of rice for 10 cups of water. This formula is not suitable for brown rice cooking. It is acceptable for white rice cooking. You may need to add water again until you are cooking the rice.

How much water do I need for 34 cup of rice?

If 10 cups equal 1 kg, so 34 cups equal 3.4 kg. When you cook 3.4 kg rice, you should follow the 1:2.5 rice and water cooking formula. So it would help if you had 3.4 kg rice for 8.5-liter water, which is definitely for extensive rice cooking in a pot or saucepan.

How much water for 500g basmati rice 

Basmati rice is soft-grade white rice, so its rice and water ratio is 1:1. This means that 500g basmati rice needs 500 ml or 0.5-liter water to cook in the oven or cooktop. The water ratio can increase for depends on oven heat distribution.

Rice to water ratio calculator

Before we write a different formula for the rice to water ratio calculator, the rice-and-water calculation ratio mainly depends on what types you are cooking. In my personal experience, I always use a 1:1 formula to cook basmati rice and white rice. It means cups of rice for 1 cup of water in the oven cooking.

How much quantity of water is needed to cook pulao 

To cook pulao, you will need 1 cup of water for every 1 cup of rice. The water-to-rice ratio is important because it helps the rice cook evenly and absorbs the flavors of the dish. Using too little water results in dry, overcooked rice, while too much water will make the rice mushy.

 When cooking pulao, it is essential to use boiling water, which can help the rice cook properly.

1 kg biryani rice how much water

It is challenging to say the actual ratio 1 kg biryani rice how much water depends on the rice and how much water it absorbs. However, a good ratio rule is to use 1 cup (250ml) of water for every 1 cup (250g) of rice. So, for 1kg of rice, you would need 4 cups water.

How long does it take to cook 1kg of rice?

Rinse the rice in a fine mesh strainer and rinse under cold water until the water runs clear. Add the rice and water to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Once boiling, reduce the heat to low and cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid. You need to minimum18 of minutes for fully cooked rice.


In my final vertices of how much water required for 1 kg rice I discuss in this blog different ways to use rice and water formula to cook rice. If you correctly apply this ratio, we will be available to cook brown, white, or basmati rice in your kitchen quickly, and you will enjoy eating rice.

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