How to Cook Dry Fish Curry at Home

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Are you searching for famous and popular recipes for how to cook dry fish curry? You are in the right place. Today I am writing about this tried-and-true and delicious recipe. The delicious fish curry recipe is easy to cook and it is the most popular food in Asia and USA peoples.

The dried fish curry is non-vegetarian food that is most important for the health and human body. Above all, when you want to cook this dried fish recipe, you should follow some cooking style. Mainly dry fish fry style is defending and country region.

How to Prepare Fish Curry and Cook Country Region Style 

Now you are waiting to cook fish dry curry but don’t what process you are following. There is a different style like dry fish curry Bengali style, dry fish curry Mangalorean style, dry fish curry recipe Kerala style, and Indian dry fish style. How to make dry fish curry? I again say that it depends on your country region.

Have Dry fish curry calories? 

Of course, dry fish have too many calories that are very important to our health. It has sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, and dietary fibre. It is too much important for the human body. The average amount of calories in curry fish is 215 calories on 150-gram dry fish curry. 

The amount of calories is different from dried fish tuyo calories. I am going to write our main tropics on how to cook dry fish curry and it is a simple and easy way to dry fish and potato curry.

How to cook dry fish curry and Potato Curry  

I am now writing about dry fish and potato curry. It is a test and very calorie-dense dry fish curry.

Ingredient for 4-5 people’s recipes

how to cook dry fish curry and potato curry
  • Loitta fish (the most popular dried fish in the Asian region) 100-150 gram
  • Potatoes (200 g)
  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Spices
  • Salt
  • Cumin
  • Nuts 
  • Olive oil

Ready for dry fish masala

Now all the ingredients should be made into pests for cooking. Onion, ginger, garlic, spices, and cumin are made smooth in your smoothie blender machine. Next, it is ready for use in your fish dry curry.

After completing this process, you should now have time to ready your dry fish for cooking. Now you make small pieces of all the dry fish. It should not be over a half-inch. Wash the fish properly, and you can half boil water to wash fish. It can help to remove bed flavour.

You should then start to cut the potatoes into small pieces, when your potatoes pieces are cut completely, then you properly wash them and your all ingredient is ready for cooking.

How to Cook Dry Fish Curry?

cook dry fish curry

You can start cooking dry fish on your dutch oven or your cooking oven. You also can use your frying pan to cook it.

Fish & spices ingredients take on your oven and start to cook it. Add salt quantitatively for a proper test. You should, again and again, move fish on the pan which takes cook on your electric stop top or gas stop top. Then you add nuts past, after completing this job you should move all the all ingredient again and again.

Then after 20 minutes of cooking now it has time to add the potatoes piles and mix them. You should then cook it again 15-20 minutes, you get a testy smile. When the dry fish curry is ready you can cumin for an extra test. 

Now your fish curry is ready to serve and you can now enjoy the curry fish test. It is also a Nutri food, so it is beneficial to the body.

Health Benefit of Dry Fish

health benefit of dry fish

Dry fish is helpful for your body. It has a lot of fibre and nutrition and it is your instant solution for the fish test. If you are someone who does like fresh fish, it is a better and alternative way to get the dry fish test. Dry food is also the food preservation for your health, so it has food preservation benefits of dried fish. It has also a vital factor for providing high-quality portions. 

If you want to know if dry fish is good for weight loss? Of course, it is also good for weight loss. It is natural manufacturing in sun drying. So it is a natural way to prepare dry fish and when the fish is dry, the fish’s toxic materials have moved and fish will be safe to eat. 

The End:

Dry fish is delicious food, and it has high protein, which is very helpful for health. If you carefully read my article you will find the answer and process of how to cook dry fish curry? If you ask an alternative question of how to cook dried fish curry? How to cook dry fish curry in Tamil? And also How to cook dry fish curry in Sri Lankan style?

How to cook Sri Lankan dry fish curry? How to cook dry fish curry in Tamil? Every question answer is the same what I describe in my article.  If you carefully read this article you will be avail to cook this delicious food.

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