How to Cook Rice Using Finger for Cooking

More than 3.5 billion people worldwide like to eat rice as a staple, and half of the world’s population and rice demand is increasing daily. In most Asian countries, people ate rice more than 5,000 years ago, so they have good experience cooking rice. The cooking rice finger method is saying they are organic method. Most of the newer does not know how to cook rice using finger. Measuring rice with finger is the greatest trick for cooking perfect, delicious, fluffy rice.

How to cook rice using the finger method

How to cook rice using the finger method

The finger has been using rice water measurement for a long century, an organic way to measure the water in rice. To cook perfect and fluffy rice, you should follow the given rice cooking instruction:

Rinse the rice:

 It is essential to raise the rice to get rid of excess starch, dirt, and germs. You should 3 times rinse the rice; if you rose the rice, it will decrease rice nutrients and also lose other large quantities of protein.

Soak the rice

Soak the rice for 1 hour; it will help the rice absorb the water. If you cook the rice this way, it will cook evenly and gently and also yield and soft texture cooked rice.

The ratio of rice to water

The ratio of measuring rice with finger is 1:1.2, and it is easy to maintain the water and rice ratio. Put your index finger in the water and measure the water on the index finger’s first joint. It is enough to maintain for cook rice and has a water ratio of 1:1.2. That means one index joint measures rice for 1.2 joints of finger water required for cooking rice in a pot or rice cooker. It is the best rice finger trick for water in rice for cooking.

Add cooking oil or vinegar:

If you like to increase the rice test, you may add vinegar or cooking oil, but it does not require too much. You can use 1 to 2 grams, enhancing the rice’s natural flavor. It also genteelly boosts the rice test.

Simmer the rice:

Now you should put the rice on a tight lid, reduce the heat to simmer and keep the rice simmering for 16 to 20 minutes. After every 10 minutes, you should check the rice for soaking.

How to cook rice using finger measurement

Cooking rice using finger measurement is easy; clean the rice properly and keep the rice in your right pot. Use your index finger to measure the water in the rice. Place the water in the rice until the first joint of your index finger. Then, cook the rice in an electric oven; you should check the rice every 10 minutes to prevent soaking the rice. You need 16 to 20 for the rice cooking complete.

How to measure water for rice with finger

Measure water for rice with a finger cooking formula is essential to know the accurate measurement for water measuring. Your rice water level should be the first joint on your index finger, touching the rice. In the finger first joint method, you add one combined worth of water, regardless of the amount of rice cooked.

Final thoughts:

In my final thoughts, I have discussed the rice cooking formula and written about how to cook rice using finger. All of the above, our cooking rice formula is beneficial and acceptable. If you follow your recipe, you will be avail to cook in rice perfect way. A proper way to cook rice is essential for rice lovers.

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