How to Make Watermelon Juice at Home?

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Watermelon has been a long century fruit for over 4,000 years in Northeast Africa, but few people know it is a Chinas fruit. It is well known in different countries as a juicy fruit. In the above, the Watermelon is a different colour, shape, and size, but it is common to round shape fruits, and it weighs a minimum of 2 kilos and a maximum of 8-12 kilos. People like Watermelon because it has nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins A and C. Most people like drinking watermelon juice on hot sunny days or hot summer days. How to make watermelon juice? 

We write about the Watermelon juicing process and write common question answers on these topics.

Health benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is a tasty, healthy and juicy round fruit with great health benefits. The main benefit of watermelon has Vitamin “A” 11%, Vitamin “C” 34%, Calcium 2%, Iron 5%, Magnesium 8% Potassium 9%, Zinc 3%, Phosphorus 3%, Thiamin (B1) 1%, Vitamin B6 9%, Folic Acid (B9) 3% and many more nutrition on watermelon.

It colds your body and mind and refreshes you on a summer day and sunny time. We also knew that watermelon juice is good for health because Watermelon has 92% water, so it is petty hydrating and too much nutrition source. Naturally, sweet watermelon juice is not easy to make in your ninja blander. Now we write the process of how to make watermelon juice with a blender.

How to make watermelon juice? 

Watermelon juice is my favourite drink, and during the summer season, I like to drink juice. It is a tasty, healthy, and nutrient juice, and I enjoy drinking it. Now you can want to make 5-kilo watermelon juice that will be 07 glasses of fresh and nutrient juices prepared with my cold press juicer machine.

Instruction for watermelon juice

1) Slice the Watermelon with your kitchen knife and slice it into two parts. Keep the Watermelon on the large kitchen dish. Use your kitchen utensils, spoon and scoop chunks of Watermelon. Remove all skin from Watermelon and keeps its dish. Slice it into small pieces.

2) Put the Watermelon your cold press juicer and connect the juicer power. Blend the Watermelon until it pulverizes. The blending time should not be more than 01 minutes. On this main time, all of the watermelon pieces squeeze well. Stop the juicer machine and put the watermelons juice in the jug. You need 4 or more time to juices all watermelon pieces.

3) If the watermelon slice is notably pulpy or seedy, pour the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer into a pitcher. Keep the watermelon jug or glasses in the refrigerator covered. You can drink the juice for up to 3 days. If you take time to drink juice, its test will be damaged. So our recommendation is to drink the juice for less than 03 days.

How to make watermelon juice with seeds?

Watermelon seeds are a powerhouse of folate, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium and many more vitamins, so most people like to drink watermelon juice. How to make watermelon juice with seeds? Slice the Watermelon, remove its skin and cut it into small pieces.

Blend the Watermelon with your juicer or blender machine. It will not take more than 1 minute. Keep the juice in a glass or jug. If you deeply see that all seeds are finished or varnish. Seeds make juice with Watermelons. However, you can now enjoy drinking watermelons juice with seeds. Suppose you unlike to drink all the juice at a time. You can keep the juice in the refrigerator for the next time you drink and should not keep them for more than 3 three days.  

How to make watermelon juice without a blender?

Watermelon juice without a blende

Making watermelon juice without a blender or juicer is complex and challenging. It would help if you had extra time and hard work to make juice without a blender, but the juice will also be fresh, and it will not damage its test and has lots of health benefits.

What is a handmade watermelon juice Method without a blender?

Making watermelon juice is an easy method without a blender.

  • Slice the Watermelon and remove its skin.
  • Cut the Watermelon into small pieces and keep it in a jug or dish
  • While all parts are complete, now you need to use your hand to blend it
  • Wash your hand correctly and start to mix the Watermelon with your hand.
  • It will take 5 to 10 minutes to make juice with a hand blender.
  • If you dislike eating seeds, you need to remove the seed from the juice
  • Filtering the juice and removing all seeds.

You now enjoy fresh watermelon juices. But if you unlike to drink all juice at a time, you can keep the juice refrigerator. It is another way and answers your question about how to make watermelon juice?

How to make watermelon juice with sugar?

How to make fresh watermelon juice with sugar? This is an easy method for making homemade Watermelon fresh and perfect hot summer day juice. At the same time, complete the blending of the juice with your blender. Now it is time to mix sugar with juice.

How much sugar mix with 1-litre juice?

Watermelon has sugar naturally, but you need mixed sugar when you want to increase its tests more. So sugar ratio maintains for juice is very important. The perfect ratio is for 1-litre watermelon juice should use 120 grams to 150 grams of sugar. But if you like to eat more sugar, you can mix more sugar for boosting tests.

How do make watermelon juice last longer?

The delicious test pulp-free watermelon juice is best to drink instant while making. When it is needed to keep refrigeration, it should not keep the juice from freezing for more than 3 days. I keep juice in the refrigerator for more than 3 days. It will damage the juice test and be unhealthy. For this reason, most people like to drink juice instant while they prepare the homemade watermelon juice.

Is Watermelon Good for skin?

Watermelon contains vitamins A and C, and 92% of the water is essential for skin health. Vitamin C helps your body make collagen, a protein, and it keeps your skin supple and your hair strong. So it is no alternative to Watermelon that is good for health.

The End:

This article discusses a different alternative method to make homemade watermelon juice. You can apply any process to make your delicious watermelon juice or use your strategy to make watermelon juice. We think that you can get your question answer how to make watermelon juice? It will help you prepare testy homemade watermelon juice.

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