How to Measure Water in Rice with Finger

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While cooking rice in an oven or rice cooker, measuring the water and rice ratio is essential. If you properly cook rice, that boosts the appearance, stickiness, softness, and taste of your cooked rice. But how to measure water in rice with finger, is an easy and simple way! Most Asian peoples maintain a 2:1 ratio to cook rice. In detail, you will know how to measure rice and water ratio and why does the rice finger method work. 

Why does the rice finger method work?

Most chefs use finger methods to cook rice and water ratio because it’s easy to use and does not need additional utensils or a water measuring cup. In addition, they use a finger because it is an instant solution to measure water in rice for a Dutch oven or cook pot. It is also a practical way to measure the amount of the water ratio.

This process is easy; place your finger in the water, no different than the finger joint of the index finger. Most chefs use 2-finger joint water, 2 inches above the rice used for cook rice.

How to measure water in rice with finger

When you measure water in rice with a finger ratio, the best ratio for cooking rice 2 finger joints is 2 inches of water on the rice. That means your rice will properly cook in the oven, your best rice cooker, and even a rice cooking pot. Rice contains 1% Pythic acid, also known as an ant nutrient, which affects the body’s absorption of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and copper.

So it is very potential to maintain the rice and water ratio measurement. Another rice cooking ratio is 1:3, meaning 1 cup of rice needs 3 cups of water and is also the best helpful ratio. Soak the rice in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes and then break down most of the physic acid.

Another valuable and correct formula to cook rice for water ratio is 2:1 and is means 1 measure rice for 2 measure water, and whatever evaporates.

In addition, put the dry rice in your suitable container, like a pot, pan, saucepan, or rice steamer. Add water until the water level above the rice is just up into the first joint of your index finger, and 1:1 formula. It means the same amount of rice for the same amount of water. Then cover the pot with a clean towel. After boiling water, you should stop over-flow and keeps the rice moist.

How to cook rice in rice cooker without measuring cup

 If your kitchen does not have a measuring cup, you need to cook rice in a rice cooker without a measuring cup. Clean the rice properly and put the rice in the rice cooker or your sauce pot. You are watering the rice and measuring by your middle finger first indention. Then it is ready to low or slow-cook on your rice cooker. The work is best for long-grain rice and calls for a 2:1 ratio of water and rice. 

This trick is not suitable for brown rice because to cook brown rice, you need more water, and the ratio is sometimes 4:1

Brown rice to water ratio rice cooker

Japanese brown rice is softer, and fluffier brown rice is softer and fluffier, and when they cook brown rice in a rice cooker, they maintain 1 cup of rice for 1/3 cup of water. Generally, you will need more water and look to your rice for rations. 

It has no different from cooking rice on a stovetop or rice cooker.

You should know that you need more time to cook brown rice, and it needs more water to cook brown rice. So it would help if you kept in mind your rice cooker temperature should not be up to 212F/100C as soon as the water is absorbed and the temp starts to rise.

If it is the first time to cook brown rice in the rice cooker, you should be careful and keep an eye on the rice cooker to see the water level and when the water level gets low, check the rice for doneness. If undercooked, add a small amount of water and continue cooking again. You need 25 minutes to 30 minutes to cook brown rice in your rice cooker.

White rice to water ratio rice cooker

Before, you could know how to measure water in rice with finger, and now you know the rice cooker’s white rice to water ratio. Generally, for cooking white rice, the ideal ratio is 1:1 in any rice cooker or rice maker. But is accurate and variable for different rice types in time and takes different amounts of time to absorb water. The water amount y determines the evaporation time, which works in conjunction with a rice cooker and determines when it is done.


In conclusion, how to measure water in rice with finger is essential to know the water and rice ratio if you are a beginner at cooking rice stickiness, softness, and taste of cooked rice. Mainly, cooking rice is very easy, and the ideal ratio is 1:1, which is very useful. Sometimes you need more water to cook rice when you use an induction cooktop or a rice cooker for the first rice cooking.

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