How to Use a Pressure Cooker and Prevent an Accident

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Are you using a pressure cooker? It would help if you used it because the pressure cooker can blast anytime. When the pressure cooker explosion in front of you, how can you handle this situation? Never cook rice in the pressure cooker! What is the matter of this situation? How to use a pressure cooker? Is the pressure cooker rubber-tight or causes the measurement of food cooking? When using a pressure cooker, you should consider several formulas. 

Most people depend on the pressure cooker for cooking food, it is not a problem, but when you use a pressure cooker, you should be ready before correctly using it. 

How to use a pressure cooker? The essential most important tips

use a pressure cooker

In our daily life, the pressure cooker makes our life super easy, but you should be careful when you use a pressure cooker on a gas stove.

Clean pressure cooker while complete cook food every day. Suppose you clean the pressure cooker the correct way! It will make 50% of your work easy in your daily life, so you need proper care. 

How to avoid pressure cooker accidents?

You learn to know pressure cooker how to use. But you do not get any symptoms before blasting the pressure cooker! But when you know the proper use of a pressure cooker, you can prevent accidents. 

When your food is cooking thoroughly, you wait to open the pressure cooker cover instantly. It is liable for a big problem, so keep it cool for a few minutes. Do not cook rice in a pressure cooker; you may be amazed to know it, but it is proper to prevent most accidents. The main reason for the accident is manufacturer default, and it can be liable for an accident when cooking food. In addition, the reason for the pressure cooker accident is that it can prevent the user of the pressure cooker.

When you are cooking food and your pressure cooker is overloaded or cooker bent, the pressure cooker may be a blast. But what can you do to prevent the problem? 

The pressure cooker should regularly clean after it uses for cooking food. 

You should regularly check pressure cooker cracks. If you see any damages, you should instantly solve them. 

Before cooking on the pressure cooker, you should check the rubber gasket or belt. You do not feel tension for examining the gasket or rubber belt. Just check gasket has been broken or not cracked anywhere. If the gasket or rubber belt has snapped or damaged, you should instantly change it and use a new one again. 

You can do another work on this situation. You can keep an extra gasket in your kitchen. Most people want to cook food extra fast, but you should never boil an egg in a pressure cooker. 

Is it safe to cook rice in a pressure cooker?

When you cook rice in a pressure cooker, acrylamide, a harmful chemical, will be mixed in the rice, which is detrimental to the human body. But when you boil an egg in a pressure cooker, you need a high temp to cook the egg. That is the main reason for a blast pressure cooker. 

What can I do when blasting a cooker? 

When do you see that the pressure cooker has been a blast in front of you? What can you do, and which step you take? First, you should keep your mind cool! It would help if you did not spend time instantly switching off your gas oven. If you use an electric pressure cooker, you should immediately unplug it. If you are attracted to fire or burnt by a blast, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible for treatment. 

You can make more steps for pressure cooker blast if you are a user of the pressure cooker and if you burnt for a use pressure cooker. You can take action against the pressure cooker manufacturing company and make an affair; it is essential to know it. In addition, you should also know that the user can claim a refund due to manufacturing liability. 

It would help if you always tried to use a quality pressure cooker from any quality company. 


We share essential tips in your blog post on how to use a pressure cooker. It is necessary to know which food you can cook and which food you will not cook in a pressure cooker. We advise you to avoid cooking rice in a pressure cooker and boiling eggs on the presser. Because when you boil an egg in the pressure cooker, you need extra temp that is liable for pressure cooker accidents.

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