05 Best Large Round Wooden Tray with Handles For Kitchen 2023

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The tray is comfortable when it has a handle because when you serve food, your hand can rest. A large round wooden tray with handles is the cozy natural texture looks unique, and the handle will bring a charming, eclectic accent to your home decor.

The wooden tray is also non-toxic, and it uses little use for food serve in the birthday party, wedding party, kitchen, and food serve for guests. However, the wooden decoration is imposing, and your guest impresses to find the wooden tray.  

Why will we use a Large round wooden tray with handles?

The handle makes an enjoyable food serv and also without handle tray are not comfortable for serving food. For this reason, most people and cook like a round wood serving tray with handles. When you use without handle tray, the food falls to the ground, and it is painful for you, and your food will be damage.

However, people like 24 inch round wooden tray with a handle; it is large and lightweight. Now we will review a large round wooden tray with handles that is help you as a buying guide.

1. Unique Round Shape Wooden Serving Tray -Collectibles Buy Brand

Unique Round Shape Wooden Serving Tray

If you are looking industrial handmade unique round shape wooden serving tray, it is the best serving tray with a metal handle deep rustic design tray, and it is also two pieces of the set. The large solid wood tray is enormously flexible for so many uses and also a perfect tray for kitchen counters and is a handy tray for your dining table.

The tray is meet your maximum requirement of food serving. It is also great for serving drinks, appetizers, cheeses, fruit, and casual pride and joy. It increases natural décor on your coffee table. The metal handle looks beautiful, and it takes on a modern serving tray. The stainless steel handle is comfortable and looks more attractive and valuable in your outdoor indoor café, restaurant, and kitchen.


  • It has an attached stainless steel handle
  • The handle makes it more durable and strong
  • It is manufacturing in durable mango wood


  • Ensure dry every use.
  • Should be careful use and keep away from water

2. MyGift 12-inch Burnt Wood Tray

MyGift 12-inch Burnt Wood Tray.

The 12-inch wood burnt and galvanizes metal round decorative unique serving tray, which attaches the metal handle. The handle is suitable for use, and the tray will use for serving tea, coffee, breakfast, and many more. However, the wooden tray interior decorates in burnt wood, and its interior is décor in galvanizing metal.

The metal handle ensures it is carrying in the room quickly and also provides you caring cafeteria. It is also suitable for keeps your cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, and books. So we called there is no alternative of the food tray.


  • It has included a strong metal handle for carrying
  • Lowest price
  • It is also suitable to use for cosmetics and toilettes  


  • Its interior is not wooden
  • The handle is metal, not stainless steel.

3. The BIRDROCK HOME -Wooden Serving Tray with Handles

BIRDROCK HOME Wooden Serving Tray

The iron accents round shape wooden serving tray with handle is the best round top breakfast tray. Its tray is perfect for the tea cheese board, coffee table décor, and natural wood with iron. Moreover, it is the decorative serving perfect sturdy tray for breakfast in bed, or serving tray for guests appetizers, tea, food, coffee, drinks, or cocktails. You will take to use this decorative tray on your coffee table or kitchen table.

The tray manufactures high-quality wood and galvanizes iron, adding a rustic and farmhouse accent to your home. It also attaches a handle that confirms to easy caring tray from the kitchen to your table.


  • The round shape of its combined with galvanizing iron accent
  • It is the more designable tray
  • It has a solid and sturdy handle for easy carrying
  • Includes four protective felt feet pads


  • It is expansive
  • It is not a suitable dishwasher for washing

4. Kate and Laurel Modern Round Wooden Tray 

Kate and Laurel Modern Round Wooden Tray

The tray is a modern round wood decorative tray which is 18-inch diameter rustic brown and Black. It has attached a metal, that ensures to carrying the tray compactly kitchen to table. However, it is the perfect entryway tray for a table, vanity, ottoman, or even serving drinks and snacks.

The tray is ready to use and is the most decorative tray for your home, and the table also furnishes well, ensuring you perfectly serve food, snacks, breakfast, pasta, fruits, and many more. You will also use the tray as for keeps table appliance.

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  • The tray handle is comfortable for carrying
  • It is a ready tray for serving food and other goods
  • The whole body of the tray is wooden, so it is decorative for your house


  • It is not suitable for colossal guest serving food tray
  • After use, it should be clean and try it.

5. Stonebriar Round Brown Wood Serving Tray

Stonebriar Round Brown Wood Serving Tray

Suppose you are looking at the metal handle and distress mirror, rustic butler service tray; it is the best vintage centerpiece or candle holder small tray. In that case, that is comfortable use for serving coffee, water, tea, and also dry food for your bedroom and table.

The rustic serving tray features are round natural wooden; however, it is lightly distressed with an antique mirror and sturdy metal handle tray and easy to carry your kitchen to table and bedroom breakfast. You will buy the vintage wooden serving tray for housewarming, birthdays, Christmas gifts for friends, birthday parties, etc.


  • Inside of the tray is galls made
  • The handle of the tray is metal, and it is comfortable
  • It is cheapest


  • It is small size tray for the requirement in simple serving
  • The whole body of the tray is not wooden.

The End

The Large round wooden tray with handles uses for your serving requirement. A large tray uses for a different type of foodservice; when it has an added grip, it will be more comfortable carrying your kitchen to the table. After all, a wooden table is unique, so most of the family likes to keep the wooden table for increasing their kitchen decor.

Some FAQ

Why use the round serving tray with handles?

The handle is used in the tray because when you carry food from kitchen to table, the grip is comfortable and can easily take food from one room to another room and has no chance to fall in the ground.

Is 24 inch round wooden tray is the best size for the kitchen?

Yes, 24 inches round wooden tray is the best size for the kitchen because it is the perfect size for carrying food from one room to another and easy to bring food kitchen to your table. Extra large size tray is uncomfortable, so most people like this size for their kitchen.

The round wooden tray is decorative?

Yes, a round wooden tray is decorative; most people like to use round wooden trays to decorate their house. It is a unique and uncommon kitchen appliance.

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