Top 07 Best Ninja Commercial Blender Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

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Ninja is the most popular brand on the blender machine. If you are looking for a fast smoothie maker, our recommendation for a ninja commercial blender can help ease your daily work. It can quickly blend fruits, vegetables, or nuts in a short time.

There are many professional blenders; in our comparison, you the find the best ninja blender.

1. Ninja Professional Blender-BL660

Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

The professional ninja blender-BL660 is the most popular and more rating ninja commercial blender. The brand is the pro product of Amazon qualified supplier so that we said that it is the most professional blender and it is the new branded blender.

The color of the brand is silver, and its materials are plastic; the professional commercial blender is a smoothie maker. The total cursing system is robust, and the revolving system is extra fast. You can crush ice, whole fruit, and vegetable in a few seconds.

The motor power performance is 1100 watts, so that superfast revolves around cursing. The blender is easy to wash; you can wash it with a dishwasher and water.


  • New Branded blender machine
  • Can use for commercial purpose
  • High revolving system
  • Motor capacity high


  • Some nutrition will be lost when you long time blending.

2. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender -BL610

Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender -BL610

Ninja professional countertop blender use for commercial purposes; the smoother crushing technology is high, 1000 watts base motor and the blender’s revolving is rapid and technology base. The ice and frozen fruits are crushing in few seconds.

The shark ninja branded color is black, and its materials are plastic, and its electric capacity is 110120 volts.

You can prepare 64-ounce liquid at a time to say it is a professional and commercial blender and can serve at a glass of juice. The blender’s design is preparing 1000 features a sleek and outstanding blender performance of 1000 watts.

The blender’s jar capacity is 72 ounces, so it is called the ideal blender for making large batches of creamy, frozen drinks and smoothies. You can use this blender for a large family. The blender has 06 blades, so you can easily crush ice faster and blend ingredients smoothies than other blenders. The cleaning foundation of the blender is a motor base; use the cloth to wipe clean.


  • Blending frozen fruits in few seconds
  • Use high technology
  • It can use for a large family
  • The jar is 72 ounce, so it releases a large amount of juice in few seconds
  • Motor revolving very quickly


  • The blender is few expensive

3. Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Blender for kitchen

Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Blender

It anyone who will look professional plus blender for the kitchen, our recommendation is to buy the Ninja BN801 professional plus a blender. It is the popular ninja commercial blender. And also a professional plus auto-iQ with 64 oz. It is also manufactured in modern design and a more functionally and original kitchen system. The blender also has a different blending system function.

It is a more professional power 1400 watts motor base so that you can quickly and easily crush ice and frozen drinks in a few seconds.

With the 72 oz crushing capacity, you can prepare the fruit juice for your whole family or make commercial purposes because the blender’s crushing feature is grade.

The five-present auto IQ program allows the fruit’s smooth nutrition and extracts the fruits and vegetables’ vitamins.


  • The blender has – crushing features, one is 72 oz, and another is 24 oz.
  • Has spout lids
  • It has a professional ninja kitchen system
  • Has auto iQ programs
  • Extract fruits & vegetable nutrition and vitamin


  • The ninja food procession is costly

4. Ninja Blender- QB1004

Ninja Blender- QB1004

The ninja blender-QB1004 is a different model blender machine. This blender manufactures manufacturing on 450 watts base motor and 03 pitchers. One is a 48oz pitcher; the second is 16oz for chopping bowl, and 3rd is 40oz for processing bowl so that you can chop and process your fruits and vegetable on your right choice.

The plastic material blender’s electric capacity is 110 volts, and the color is black. You can quickly chop your fruits or vegetable. The vitamin and nutrition will not be damaged when you are blending.

If you want a fresh glass of juice every day in the morning, you can use it because the blender’s cost is not high.

The blender is BPA-free, and all jars are included with lids, and it is dishwasher safe.


  • The blender cost not high
  • It can use for multiple purposes
  • Power saving design
  • BPA free and has convenient storage lids


  • When you long time revolving the motor fruits and vegetable few enzymes will be damage

5. Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ, and 64

Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ, and 64

The Ninja BN701 blender machine is a certified product that included all original accessories and over 90 days limited warranty from the purchasing day. The ninja branded color is silver and black, and the blender’s electric motor capacity is 1000 watts. Therefore it ensures that the high blender capacity of revolving and can easy to chopping and juicing.

The XL 72oz ensures that it can use for your commercial purpose or significant family purpose. The blender ice crushing system is manufacturing on high technology. So you can easily crush or prepare juice of fruits and vegetables in a few seconds.  


  • Motor revolving capacity high like 1000 watts
  • Purely extracted fruits and vegetable
  • Prepare juice in few seconds
  • Ice crushing system is grate


  • The products are expensive

6. The Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender- BL642

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender- BL642

If you are looking for a high professional blender, you can buy the ninja countertop pro blender –BL642. The blender is manufactured with an extra motor capacity of 1200 watts with an auto-iQ base. The blender’s complete design is 4-lids one is the 72-ounce pitcher and 32, 24, and 18 ounces. So you can prepare your juice as per your daily requirement.

The ninja branded blender gets a more five-star rating so that you can use the blender as the best commercial blender professionally. The feature of the blender is auto-iQ technology and no need for guesswork.

The pro blender also extracts blade breaks down whole fruits, vegetable seed, and ice, and damages its nutrients and vitamin. You can use the ninja blender for your daily routine for copping, blending, and other purposes.

The blender capacity is high performing of its 1200 watts / 2hp powers. So you can enjoy everyday nutria ninja cups of juice and happy your life.


  • The blender is professional
  • Performing capacity high
  • Will use multiple purposes
  • Auto-iQ system


  • It is expensive products of ninja branded

7. Ninja BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Personal Blender

Ninja BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Personal Blender

The ninja BL480D branded blender electric motor capacity is 1000 watts, ensuring the blending’s high revolving. It is the most vital and more powerful blender machine.

The portable ninja blender machine includes 2-ninja cups, one sip, and another is seal lids, and you can use it when you need an alternative.

The ninja pro extractor blade handles blending fruits and vegetables and smoothing cursing ice, seeds, skins, and stems. The smoother is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and easy to clean.


  • Smoothie crushing ability
  • Has pro extractor blade for crushing
  • BPA Free
  • Motor capacity high


  • Crushing time not should belong, that possibility to damage necessary enzyme and nutrition.

Buying Guide Ninja Blender 

When looking for the Best ninja commercial blender, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First, consider the types of ingredients you will be blending. This will help you determine the power and capacity you need. Second, think about how often you will be using the blender. If you plan on using it daily, you will need a more durable model. Finally, consider your budget. Commercial blenders can range in price, so it is important to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Check Power Capacity

Power and capacity are the most important factors when choosing a commercial blender. The power will determine what blender is best for smoothie bowls quickly and easily the blender can process ingredients. What blender is best for smoothie bowls? The capacity will determine how much can be blended at one time. If you plan on blending large quantities of tough ingredients, you will need a powerful blender with a large capacity.

Check Durability

Durability is another important factor to consider when choosing a commercial blender. If you plan on using the blender daily, you will need a model built to last. Look for a blender with stainless steel or cast iron base. These materials are more durable and can withstand heavy use.

Consider Budget

Finally, consider your budget when choosing a commercial blender. Commercial blenders can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. Find a model that fits your needs and budget.

What blender is best for smoothie bowls?

This question as it depends on personal choice and preferences. Some people find that immersion blenders work best for smoothie bowls, while others find that regular blenders or food processors are more effective. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment with different types of blenders to see which one produces the smoothest results.

One tip that may help is to make sure that the blender is powerful enough to handle the ingredients being used. For example, if the smoothie bowl contains frozen fruit, it is important to choose a blender that can easily break down these types of ingredients. Otherwise, the smoothie bowl may end up being lumpy or uneven.


There are many branded blenders found on your nearest market or online shops; in our recommendation, we say that the ninja is the best ninja commercial blender. The ninja blender ensures you long-lasting, limited warranty, and also user-friendly. If you feel dull and busy or do not have enough time, you can prepare a healthy glass of pure juice on a ninja blender for a few seconds.

Some Common Question of Buying a Commercial Blender

Which is the best for ninja commercial blender and professional blender?

In our personal, recommendation we say that the ninja brand blender is best because it can be easy to use, has an auto-IQ system, and user friend.

How much is the motor revolving capacity of the blender best?

We say that for commercial blender motor capacity should be 500 watts to 1200 watts are best.

How much cost will it be for a commercial blender?

The cost of a blender will depend on blender design, motor capacity, lids capacity. If you want to purchase a commercial blender, sometimes its price will be $50 to $200.

How much time it warranties have?

Many products have a warranty; sometimes, they will have a 3-month more limited warranty.

Does product quality ensure?

Yes! Amazon ensures all product quality, and you will buy more five-star rating products on Amazon.

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