OXO SoftWorks 12 Piece Pop Container Set Review

Oxo container collection is an excellent box for the kitchen, and all paces are separately, especially the big 4.44qt and the accessories. It is the same cupboard you are looking for in your kitchen appliances containers boxes. Oxo good grips 3-piece airtight pop cereal dispenser set container is perfect for keeping your cereal, granola and snacks fresh in your kitchen because it is the best kitchen sink soap dispenser for efficient space. In this article, we review OXO Softworks 12 piece pop container set and write about how you are cleaning oxo pop containers and how to disassemble oxo container lids. And how to fix OXO pop up lid? How to put OXO lid back together? And also, is the oxo container dishwasher safe?

Oxo SoftWorks 12 piece pop container set

oxo softworks 12 piece pop food container set

Oxo is a durable brand stainless steel, silicone and plastic container set. The oxo softworks 12 piece pop container set are intelligent solutions for healthy dry food and keeping ingredients close at hand, and push-button lids create an airtight seal with a single press.

The button of oxo softworks 12 piece pop food container set easy, one-handed opening. Each container size holds household essentials like cereal, flour, sugar, rice, pasta, nuts, coffee, snacks, and many more.

12 piece oxo softworks pop lids container nest, and on for convenient storage. The pop container is not only used for kitchen containers. But it can also use any place, and you want more organization. If you’re going to get the best result, always use the button to open and close and do not carry pop containers by the lid.

Feature Oxo softworks pop lids 12 piece 

  • Manufacturing materials stainless steel, silicone and plastic
  • Grey colour
  • Oxo brand
  • Container shape rectangular and square
  • Container capacity 44.4 quarts
  • Number of pieces 12

Oxo pop 12 piece dimension 

  • Big square medium size capacity 4.4 Qt/4.1 litter
  • Big square short size capacity 2.8 Qt/2.6 Litter
  • Small square short size capacity 1.1 Qt/ 1.0 Litter
  • Small Square mini size capacity 0.4 QT/0.3 Litter
  • Mini square mini x2 size capacity 0.2 Qt/ 0.1 Litter
  • Rectangle Short size capacity 1.7 Qt/1.6 Litter
  • Scoop 1/2 cup /120 ml  

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Pros of oxo pop containers 12 piece

  • The container is an elegant countertop solution
  • It is an airtight, space-efficient design, so it can keep dry food and your pantry organized.
  • The lid washes by hand wash, and its container and silicone gasket is dishwasher safe.
  • Reasonable price

Cons of oxo pop containers 12 piece

  • Its lid should be closed adequately airtight for better results.

Cleaning oxo pop containers

The oxo pop container cleaning process is easy, and it is dishwasher safe, so you can use hand wash to clean its containers. And its lid is a little bit tricky, but it is also reasonably simple to clean. You can turn the actual gasket plastic part counter-clockwise, which comes right off. The little gasket all Costco oxo softworks 12 piece pop container set is in the entries axle assembly, and it is supposedly dishwasher safe.

You put your fingers in those little grooves, and it pops out. And is accessible to a little bit and pulls it out. On the other side, all have to wipe this part down. 

Now to assemble it, you’re going to snap all sides down, rotate it right clockwise and make sure the gasket fits.

How to disassemble oxo container lids

oxo container lids

The oxo container lids are horizontal, so its pop-top is stuck and is in the up position. So that the label is flat, put your thumb at the bottom, your fingers at the top, and you can pull that right out. Put the thumb at the bottom, two fingers at the top, squeeze it and just kind of pivot it out from the top. You do not work with long fingernails; you can pull it right out. Again roll your fingers, squeeze it, pull it out, and see little clips here. Now your oxo container disassembles for cleaning.

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How to fix oxo pop up lid

If you want t fix the oxo pop up lid, put your fingers in the lid and pull towards in the middle. This cover pulls off easy and see two indentations here. Put your finger and pull towards in the centre out, and it comes off, and it easy. The button will pop back out most of the time, so you should try to do it in different positions. If it is stuck, you need to remove it by force and a way you can do it.

How to put oxo lid back together

The oxo container set is easy to back together. You can just bend that clip back into shape carefully. Then now, after you put that middle lid back in, take the screw-on lid. After going against the arrows, click into the place and then turn it around.

Make sure that it aligns the right way. So you can see the four clips on the left and two on the right and need the exact alignment. Those two axles are in the middle and can now gently push it in back.

Oxo container dishwasher safe

The oxo softworks 12 piece pop food container set fresh organized to keep pantry staples stackable, space-efficient, and now completely dishwasher safe. However, the food storage container is customized, and it fits any space and anywhere in your kitchen. You can wash it lid with hand wash. So there is no hesitation and excuse that the oxo pop containers 12 piece boxes are dishwasher safe and all right.  

The final vertex oxo softworks 12 piece pop container set

If you are looking lightweight and long-lasting oxo container, the oxo softworks 12 piece pop container set is one of them. You purchase this product and get your new experience with OXO Softworks 12 piece pop food container set.

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