Philips 3200 Lattego How to Use – Hidden Tips and Tricks

Philips 3200 Lattego is a fully automatic espresso machine for espresso, coffee cappuccino, and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. 3200 Lattego is a top milk variety with silky smooth froth. Philips lattego is easy to set up and can clean in a little 15 seconds. In this article, we share some tips for Philips 3200 lattego how to use?

You also know the Philips 3200 lattego instructions to use it. The coffee machine has 12 adjustable grinder settings, 3 temperature settings, and adjustable coffee and milk feather.

Philips 3200 lattego temperature settings

Philips 3200 lattego temperature settings

Philips 1200 lattego has 3 temperature settings, and the temperature of the coffee grinder putting down or up slightly. We have found that the beans are least bitter when the lowest temperature setting is 1 light vs. 2 or 3.  

Philips Lattego Front Panel setting

The front of the Philips lattego machine is little lights for each choice of drink that you make. In addition, if you see the setting for beans in the machine, the machine will grind for use.

Espresso 1 or 2x

Americano 1 or 2x (Espresso first with 3x water added to it or so)

Coffee 1 or 2x

Espresso lungo 1 or 2X (it is double water, more caffeine extracted, fewer flavor notes tasted)

If you want 2X the size, then press the button twice, and the light will go to 2x, and it will cycle 2 times- grind, push coffee through, grind more coffee, empty coffee, make one more load, etc. However, Philips 3200 lattego temperature settings and Philips Lattego Front Panel setting are perfect for a fresh cup of coffee.

How to use Philips 3200 lattego

How to use Philips 3200 lattego

Using Philips 3200 lattego machine can bypass the beans to use a different bean of your choice or pre-ground. The machine is a hatch on the top, filling up the measuring cup that combines with the coffee maker and then putting it in the chute. Philip 3200 lattego first use is pretty easy to tilt to the side for foaming up cream; it works fantastic.

The different using function of machine is below: 

Hot Water/Steam Wand

The machine’s hot water spout is used for steam for steaming coffee, cream, etc. If you prefer instant coffee or a tea bag, you can use it and need hot water. It points a bit out from the machine and constantly ensures it is not pointing too far or wearing the water.

Water reservoir 

The water reservoir is getting a bit frustrating to use because the water reservoir compared to the almost 2-liter quantity on list one. It is only liter or so filter there which displaces water further.

You can use your tap water with it and set it for very high-level calcium but also use a percentage of distilled water with the tap water to ease up the load just a bit for use.

How to setup a tap water?

A testing strip comes with this; put your water in a glass, dip it, and then leave it for a few minutes to sit out of the water. It calls how t machine for the degree of hardness your water has, and it is a one-time setting.

Philips 3200 lattego setup Filter 

Philips 3200 lattego filter is easy to set up because it comes with 1 filter, but we advise buying ahead. If you are never without it, choose to go. The machine site is the valve for dispensing water opening to filter the water, and it does not need to be de-scaled as open. It does make nice-tasting coffee.

Philips machine use for Quality of Drinks

The espresso is robust, and the Americano is just about right. The Lungo is too buzzy for use, and the coffee is like water. They taste like water but more on them later. I use pre-ground coffee since I use decaf or sometimes want different beans.

The coffee machine has to be ground a lot finer. Other thins when putting the coffee in the ground sport, the measuring cup full tamp it is tiny flat bottomed scoop and get level just heaping. It is equivalent to using 3 beans setting if it can choose which pre-ground coffee maker. Finely ground coffee is fluffy and needs to be compacted a bit for better results.

Philips 3200 lattego dimensions

Philips 3200 lattego dimensions are 246x371x433mm or 17 x 10 x 15 inches, and its weight is 21.10 pounds. The coffee machine has 3 aroma strength settings, 12 adjustable grinder settings, 3 temp settings, and adjustable coffee and milk feathers.

Philips 3200 lattego grinder settings

Philips lattego grinder 12-step adjustment setting and durable ceramic grinder can turn your beans into anything from ultra-fine powder to coarse grinding. The grinder is also 100% pure ceramic, tough and precise. You will enjoy fresh aromatic coffee for at least 20000 cups with the Philips 3200 lattego grinder setting on the coffee machine.

Philips 3200 troubleshooting

Philips 3200 lattego are fully automatic coffee grinders, so it is not ordinarily troubling while making espresso cups or milk feathers. Still, its aqua filter needs to remove from the water tank if immersed upside down in the water. Replace the aqua water filter and dispense 3-4 cups of hot water. If the problem persists, you should make coffee without the filter.

The End

Philips 3200 lattego coffee machine is a fully automatic coffee machine but Philips 3200 lattego how to use. This article writes the essential tips for using Philips coffee machines. If you carefully read this article, we think it will help you use the Philips lattego coffee machine.

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    Has anyone ever suggested that a written instruction manual rather than pages of icons might be preferred by some of us?? There are some of us who do not look at youtube??

    So you have little icons (b’s) however there is no explanation re. what it means to click lights up or down. I think we can all read the words.

    I have continued to experiment trying to elicit
    a hot strong Americano. At least twice a week I return to my French press which is sort of crazy. But so far Cost v. Benefit is sad.

    ARTICLE “Philips Lattego Front Panel setting” Find another writer. Nowhere is it stated the meaning of the lights moved up and down.

    My machine continues to spit out water – randomly. Not related to time, recent usage, etc I keep a cup under the spout as the little water tray fills up within a day.


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