Urthware Cutting Board is the Best Solid Cutting Board

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Are you looking for a natural cutting board, like bamboo and wooden cutting board, for your kitchen? Urthware cutting board is the actual natural cutting board. When you want to buy a cutting board for your kitchen, it has come common question which cutting board I will buy for my kitchen.

In our comparison, we discuss the most common and natural board Urthware review. It is difficult to find the best cutting for the kitchen, but we discuss the cutting board’s common question and answer in our comparison.

What is the best cutting board?

The cutting board is part of your kitchen. When you are cutting something or piece something, you need a cutting board. To do this work, what is the best? We say that a plastic cutting board is a toxic cutting board and it is harmful to health, otherwise, if you use a non-toxic cutting board or organic cutting board, like natural bamboo and wooden made cutting board. It is the best for your health.

The price range of wooden or bamboo cutting board is not high. You will buy it chief range on Amazon. The bamboo cutting board is also safe for your knife. It is also secure from attracting germs and bacteria and also dishwasher safe.

What is the best size is ideal for my kitchen?

When you choose the bamboo cutting board, you should get attention on the feature of it. The size depends on when you are going to use it. If you want to cut meat, veggies, and bread opts, you need a large size cutting board. On the other hand, when you want to cut minor products, like different fruits, you need a small cutting board size, and it looks so petty.

So in our recommendation, what kind of board you want requires your kitchen cutting idea. You choose the right one, and the wooden cutting board is the most durable one. Now we discuss different cutting boards.

Plastic cutting board

Plastic cutting board.

Overview of Plastic Cutting board

The plastic cutting board is a lightweight board and dishwasher safe. The price of it is less high. Although, it is not a hygienic option because the plastic can develop a home bacteria.

What is plastic cutting board material?

The main materials of plastic cutting boards are high-density cutting boards polyethylene plastic, and plastic boards are usually called polyethylene cutting boards.

What type of plastic is used for cutting boards?

Two types of HDPE boards manufacturing in the plastic cutting board, one is injection-moulded plastic and another is HDPE extrusion line Plastic.

In addition, both types of plastic are certification for the plastic cutting board; it is passed requirement contact with food. If you, unlike wood cutting board, the plastic cutting board dishwasher safe and hassle-free to cleaning with chemicals.

How to clean plastic cutting board?

The plastic cutting board is easy to clean, and it does not have mortuaries, so you can easy to clean it with a dishwasher and soap with water. You also use baking soda or salt to clean it and do not need extra care to dry and it is hassle-free use. I like to use a 24×24 plastic cutting board because its size is perfect for my kitchen and also it is my knife-safe cutting board.

Bamboo and Wooden Cutting Board is the Urthware Cutting Board

Wooden Cutting Board

Overview of Bamboo and Wooden Cutting board

Bamboo and wooden made cutting board is a safe and eco-friendly cutting board. It is a non-toxic and dishwasher safe cutting board. It is safe for health because it is bacteria-free. However, it is often a dishwasher-safe cutting board.

What is Wood cutting board material?

The wood cutting board is natural and it has an extra advantage because it is natural and anti-septic properties. The wood cutting board is manufactured in hardwood and tightly grained wood. Red Oakwood is the main material for a wood cutting board, it helps to cut board surface absorption for liquate and quickly dirt into its surface. For this reason, the maximum manufacturer is like to use Oakwood for the best wood cutting board.

What is a wooden cutting board used for?

Oakwood is used for the wood cutting board because it is durable, easy on knives and it immersed for long periods. So wood or bamboo cutting board is called for urthware cutting board because this cutting board is manufactured with natural wood or bamboo. However, the wood cutting board is food grade, cutting board.

To prevent cracking wood cutting boards you should treat monthly, under normal use, you can use mineral oil and it helps to preservation for wooden cutting boards. 

Stone Cutting Board

Stone Cutting Board

The stone-made cutting board is the most hygienic, safe option cutting board because materials are using non-porous and do not get scratched, so bacteria cannot contaminate it. The board is manufactured in marble and granite, so it is the most popular stone cutting board. The board is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean with only water.

Grooved/Flat cutting board 

GroovedFlat cutting board

There are many branded grooved and flat are available in the market. If you want to cut something juicy, deep groves catch liquids; you can use your kitchen bland cutting board. However, the grooved board is easy to clean, wash and maintain.

Advantage of bamboo and wooden cutting 

The most crucial reason of bamboo and wooden cutting board is it is well known as killing bacteria. When you use a plastic cutting board, the bacteria tend to increase on plastic. Besides of the bacteria couldn’t gown on the wooden cutting board.

When you buy a new plastic cutting board, it has no bacteria, but the bacteria will grow up, and food processing will be risky on a plastic cutting board when it is older. Your knives are also safe on a wooden cutting board. It is not dull your knife blades, and it is usually a sharp blade and long-lasting.  

Where will I buy the wooden and Urthware Cutting Board?

Suppose you want to buy abroad and take your decision fixed for purchasing the cutting board—our recommendation is you will buy the cutting board on Amazon and eBay.

Amazon is the most world-class online shop. Million of products you will find on Amazon. You will find the right products here. They provide you with home delivery in a short time.


The cutting board should gently handle a knife, and it has a deep relation with the blades. So when you buy an Urthware cutting board, you should think about is your knives safe or not. To genteelly handle your knife, you decide to buy a wooden or bamboo cutting board because it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. You will have unlimited use in your kitchen.

There are also different sizes of a cutting board, so you should decide which board needs your kitchen and which purpose you will use. If you want extensive cutting work, like meat cutting and vegetable cutting work, you should buy the most giant cutting board, and if you’re going to small cutting like fruits, onion, zinger cutting, you can find the smallest cutting board.

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