Looking for Unique Bright Table Lamps for Bedroom?

If you have an excellent hobby to read in the bedroom, it has no alternative to table lamps. In some times, your partner doesn’t like to keep electric light in the bedroom. So it is essential to keep table lamps. This article reviews some bright table lamps for your bedroom necessary to meet your reading requirement and help meet your readying hobby.

What are Bright Table Lamps for Bedroom?

The bright table lamps are different from the traditional light and, it has extra features and high voltage battery capacity and also have a USB port. It can help meet the emergency case requirement on charging your mobile and other electric devices.

However, the lamp is different in its high capacity brightness and also provides you with log time bright in your bedroom. If you need to do emergency work in the bedroom, the bright table lamp is more important.

Why Need Bright Table Lamps for Living Room?

Your living room is the right place to sleep. A quiet and quarrel-free room is essential for your healthy sleeping. If you think that your partner works in the bedroom, you need to sleep the table lamps are also necessary.

When you use electric light, it will provide you with more brightness, which is a case of hampering your sleeping; conversely. It gives you hope in the targeted place when you use table lamps. So you will not feel disturbed about sleeping.

If you want to charge your mobile or other electric devices in your living room, like in the bedroom, the table lamps are more useful for charging your mobile in the bedroom because it has extra USB devices for mobile charging.

What is the Best Table Lamps for Dark Rooms

Bright table lamps are the LED bulbs that are household equipment. There are different companies and different branded table lamps in the market, which you can buy on your cheapest budget. If you want to use a table lamp for dark rooms, you can buy the Lito Sky brand, fillips, and many more company table lamps.

You also find different colours, different branded and different designs table lamps for your bedrooms, the stand of the lambs is also many attractive designs. Now we review some bright table lamps for the bedroom.

1. Litosky – Touch Control Table Lamp

Litosky - Touch Control Table Lamp

Litosky is the demandable touch control brightness lamp with 02 USB charging ports, 01 is a power socket, and ST64 E26 Bulb includes. The lamp has 03 adjustable brightness light-touch way. You can use it in three ways, and one is low light, the second is medium-light, and the third is high light. You tap on the base or pole to adjust the brightness.

Its first charging USB ports and power charging capacity are 120 volts on a lamp base that helps charge your iPhone, iPad, alarm clock, smartwatch, and many more on the bed overnight.  

The charging lamp is accessible to the operating system, and you can touch and find 03 levels of brightness and its touch feature, ensuring you don’t have to fumble around for the switch at night. It has some weight which helps to avoid knocking the lamp off by babies and pets.

Although the nightstand of the lamps is very durable and comfortable, it will not tilt on certain knocks.    

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  • The lamps are heavy, lightweight
  • Its design is very durable
  • It has a double charging port
  • It is an electric-saving lamp that needs 7w energy.


  • Avoid rough using

2. NXONE LED floor Lamp for best bedroom reading lamp

NXONE Led Floor Lamp the best bedroom reading table lamp

The NXONE Lamps are modern table lamps that can be used in the reading room, bedroom, and dining table lights. It is manufactured in current adjustable standing height four colours and steeples brightness working lamps.

Although the black colour lamp has a unique adjustable feature and touch switch style, you will adjust its height use for your table, sofa, and bedroom to ensure you have minimal use for everywhere you will need it. After all, you will adjust its brightness 5% -100% and also set 4 colour temperatures. The remote control light is suitable for adjusting its colour temperature and brightness.

You will also use it as light to use its adjustable gooseneck and flexible head down or side to side over various tasks.


  • It is the adjustable remote control light
  • You will use it every ware
  • It has an adjustable brightness system and multiple adjusted colour system
  • Has a safe structure and memory function
  • Modern design


  • The price of its few high
  • Its stand is not thick

 3. Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp 

Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp

 The Brightech LED Bulb with Shelf Lamps is the modern floor table lamp used for your bedroom; the light is attractive for its nightstand that helps for good standing in your bedroom, beside the sofa, reading room, and every ware. You will use shelf takes calendar, importance files, mobile, and essential documents on hand.

The unique feature of the table lamps is dimmable and adjustable light, and its color is classic black. The skinny side table Aka is Asian style table that looks like household equipment.

The lamp includes a Japanese Column with 20000 hours of life LED bulbs, and also the Maxwell Lamps include a 9.5-watt, 800-lumen power-saving bright LED Bulb, so you will not replace the Bulb again.

The advantage of the lamps is 3000k warm white LED technology which ensures energy-burning halogen or incandescent bulbs.


  • The lamp looks like a tower, so you can any ware place it for use
  • You will also use the tower lamps for shelf
  • It is energy-saving table lamps
  • It has included long-lasting Bulb


  • The lamps are expensive
  • You need enough space to set it

4. ALongDeng LED Floor Lamp | The best reading table lamp

ALongDeng LED Floor Lamp - the best reading table lamp

If you want the best reading table lamp, the ALongDeng LED Floor Lamp is one. You will use it for your table lamps, reading table lamps, floor lamps for bedroom, floor lamps for living room, floor lamps for reading, dining room lamps, dining room floor lamps, and dining room table lamps.

The Lams has adjustable 03 color temperatures with ten brightness levels which are switchable for your room enjoinment. So you can use it for the baby room lamps, study room lamps, and your office lamps.

It is an adjustable gooseneck and has flexible headlets, so you will prompt the head up and down ensuring you to use it everywhere for use. Additionally, the lamps are also energy-saving and long-lasting LED bulbs that have 14w and 1800 lumens brightness and ensure you provide soft illumination in your room.


  • It is the best adjustable table lamps
  • Ensure to provide soft brightness
  • It has adjustable pools
  • Lowest price


  • Should be the proper use for better result
  • It is not suitable for your office

5. Miroco Floor Lamp is the best floor lamp for the living room

Miroco Floor Lamp is the best floor lamps for living room

The extra feature of the Miroco floor lamps is it has include a 01-hour timer. It also has 04 brightness levels 04 color temperatures, and height-adjustable mother-daughter. The two-feature lamp holder is a versatile mother-daughter lamp that can work twice.

The touchier lamps provide softer light in the whole room, and task lamps focus on sewing or crafting and med on personal needs.

The lamps are customizable in height, and angle and the 04 section lamps pole can use any direction for ultimate flexibility to precisely cast light for your needs.


  • The lamps have adjustable 02 poles
  • It has included a 01-hour timer
  • The operating system is a touch
  • Brightness levels are adjustable


  • The table lamps are expensive
  • It is not comfortable for your reading room

The End

When you want to buy Bright Table Lamps for a Bedroom, you should consider its price and also check whether the lamps are long-lasting, and stand thick. The suitable adjustable table lamps increase your room brightness and keep your room environment sound. In our recommendation, we try to ensure the best product to reach the best buy. Happy your lamp-buying journey!!!

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