5 Large Wooden Serving Platters – Creative Design for Food Serve

Wooden serving platters are unique and uncommon food plate for serving and eating food. In the modern generation, we are boring using a ceramic plate, glass plate, stainless steel plate, stone, and others. So we have habited for looking something to new for eating and serving food. The large wooden serving platters are fresher than our traditional platters.

Few of us using wooden platters set in their any party, and using wooden platters for serving food is unique and health benefited.

The Benefit of Large Wooden Serving Platters

In the modern age, our habit of using ceramic, iron, stainless steel, which is highly toxic, is harmful to our health; moreover, stainless steel plate is rustic, and it is unhealthy for health. Still, the wooden platter boards plate is non-toxic, and it is also designable. The benefit of the Extra large wood serving platter is here.

Health benefit of Large Wooden Platter

Traditional cookware and platter are toxic and toxic cookware like ceramic, stainless steel, and iron harms health. On the other hand, the wooden platter is non-toxic; it is the perfect solution to safe health and saves acidic food using a wooden platter.

The stainless steel also cases of acidic food, when you use long time stainless steel and iron platter for eating food, it is the main reason of acidic food, and it also painful for your health. But the rustic wooden serving platters are valuable for safe your toxicity.

Great Idea of Extra Large Wood Serving Platter 

Using a wooden serving platter, you will serve fruit, dessert, food dish, salad plate, serving tray, cookie plate, and many more. The wooden platter is perfect for wedding parties, birthdays, and other events; it is modern, most of the family-like wooden platter because it is healthier and money safer.

In this article, we review the Large wooden serving platters that are helping find the perfect product for your kitchen appliance.

1. Acacia Wood Serving Tray – East World brand 

Acacia Wood Serving Tray - East World brand

Octagon wooden plates are a natural wooden platter best for serving breakfast, snacks, party appetizers, and a perfect size (11 inches and 13 inches -2 pieces set) is the ideal wooden platter. The elegant charcuterie board is a medium-size practical addition to your home with an east World serving tray.

The lovely wooden platter is elegant, practical, and durable for serving delicious appetizers or snacks, making an impression on your guests. It is also top quality, and natural acacia wood is eco-friendly platters, perfect choice for service delicacies, fruits, vegetable food, and others.

However, the distinctive octagonal shape and extensive design make this wood board perfect for serving food; you will use it as a decorative and eye-catching kitchen appliance.


  • The platter is non-toxic
  • It is a smooth, natural and well-finished food serve tray
  • It is the Best for Party food serve
  • The tray is the best quality


  • It is not ideal for juicy food serve
  • The tray is not perfect for rice serve

2. The COSPRING Root Wood Dish, Party Platter, and Tray

COSPRING Root Wood Dish, Party Platter and Tray

If you are looking for sandwich bread, serve vintage ring dish for serving food, it is the best dish for party platter and tray. The carved artwork dish size is 13-15 inches, and its color is root platter.

The platter is suitable for serving dry items and decoration; it also can use for appetizer display, ring dish, soap dish, or platter and tray to hold salad, snacks, pasta, chips, and fruit.

Moreover, the unique platter is colorful and perfect for serving food at birthday parties, home parties, and your evening house party. It is the right and ideal platter for your kitchen; the platter is easy to wash, and it will wear in hand wash with warm soapy water and then keep it after drying.

After all, for long-lasting, you should periodically wipe with a bit of olive oil and then use the towel and wipe off the excess to restore the wood grain to its original beauty.


  • The platter is long-lasting
  • It is a heavy-duty platter for party food serve
  • It good finishing
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It will not dry in the microwave or oven
  • After using it should dry the water by using the towel.

3. Kurrajong Farmhouse Round Wooden Serving Tray

Kurrajong Farmhouse Round Wooden Serving Tray

The Ottoman tray is a kurrajongs farmhouse round wooden serving tray. It is fantastic for round coffee table tray, decorator tray, serving round tray, round wooden tray, and round wood tray. The tray is manufacturing in natural wood color medium warm brown of an Australian company to launch our magnificent acacia round wood serving tray.

Are you looking for a tray with the wow factor? The beautiful fantastic table that size is 15.7 inch round shape and it a natural wood serving tray. The lovely wooden tray uses for serving food, drinks, tea, and coffee.

However, the wooden tray is a smoothie, a beautiful decorative tray for bits and stain/matte finish. It is also perfect for seasonal decoration or as a candle tray.

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  • The round shape tray is comfortable for serving
  • You will carry easy carrying cups and tea easy on the party
  • It is designable, so impress your guest when you see it.
  • It uses for seasonal decoration  


  • It has not used any handle
  • It is expensive

4. Lipper Acacia Tree Bark Footed Server for Cheese

Lipper Acacia Tree Bark Footed Server for Cheese

The platter uses cheese, crackers, hors d’oeuvres large, and a platter is Lipper International branded and round shape platter. Every piece is individually handcrafted and unique, and it is a non-slippage platter.

However, the platter looks beautiful and durable acacia wood and rich dark color, and it is the best kitchen décor equipment. You will use the platter for both purposes of slicing and serving. It 12 in -15 in diameter, and the size depends very much due to the handcrafted nature of the products.


  • The platter is round in shape.
  • It can make useable like cutting board
  • It is the natural cutting board


  • The platter has not holed like a serving platter

5. FANICHI Serving Tray and Platter – Serving Platters 

FANICHI Serving Tray and Platter – Serving Platters

Decorative serving platter is mother serving platter for serving food, vegetable, tea, and breakfast. The Franchi is large serving platters for catering and also decorative platter; many people like this platter because it is solid natural wood for food holder, party buffet, and manageable carrying grooved handle design.

The rectangular serving platter equipped with non-slip handle grips on edges makes it easy and easy to care for ensures your food will not fall during the cooking process and serving process. However, it is a premium selection for your kitchen accessories.


  • It has different four pieces on the set
  • The handle grip is none slipping
  • It is unique, and grain
  • It will boost your kitchen beauty


  • Ensuring dry it after using
  • Its price is high

The End

The wooden platter is a modern and decorative planer for food service; in this review, we try to large wooden serving platters that are more attractive and premium for your house decoration. The wooden serving palter is also ensure boasting your kitchen beauty, and also it has a lot of health benefit and is also better than melamine serving tray. However, you will find serving trays with handles that comfortable to help on your birthday party, wedding party food, and many more purpose.  

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