How to Clean Olive Wood Cutting Board for Expert

If you love to use olive wood materials, you should take extra care to remove cracking and your olive wood cutting board. After every use of olive wood cutting boards, you should clean the cutting board but how many hours should a cutting board soaked in water salt solution to remove stain? But do not know this question answer, we properly share everything with you. The cutting board absorbs moisture and can crack because if too dried out it will crack. So now I am starting to write how to clean olive wood cutting board?

How to Clean Wooden Cutting Board- Import Tips 

You need to keep your cutting board looking beautiful and useful for the next use; you need to care for them properly. Well, I share with you a few tips on how to clean wooden cutting board after each used. 

The first thing, when using your chopping board, and completing your kitchen job, is naturally you wash with water, then it starts to look dry. Then if you want to oil them it is the best idea to use on this chopping board with food-grade mineral oil. This is because great oil is available and you can use that but it is better to use olive oil, the other types of refined oil.

The literature says that you should not use cooking oils, because the cooling oil can go rancid and it is true. The olive oil has high polyphenols count that ensures your olive cutting board will not be rancid.

Olive Oil on cutting board

olive oil on cutting board

If you have a soft cloth or towel, you can put olive oil all over the cloth, then start to move up and down the cloth on your dry olive wood cutting board. It looks very beautiful and removes the moisture. It is the best and unique tip for the care of your olive cutting board.

How to Clean Olive Wood Cutting Board – Other Tips 

Can you stain a cutting board? No. You couldn’t do that. When you work on your cutting board you should take extra care. Your olive wood board does not soak the water because the one you soak with water then has a change of the wood expanding and cracking. I do not soak my chopping board with water. I always say that it is your living piece of art in your kitchen.

After all, you could take care of the little tiny cracks because of the knots in the wood. You should also ensure not to do that because when you wash your olive wood products.

Alternative easy tips for clean olive cutting board

Alternative easy tips for clean olive cutting board

If you don’t like to use cloth and towel. You can use your hand to oil it. I sometimes use my hand to oil my cutting board.

How to clean wood cutting board baking soda 

Baking soda is another way to clean the kitchen board. It is the super-easy way; you just sprinkle baking soda on the board surface. After that, you gently sponge your hand finger on the cutting board. It just looks like a lemon sponge on your cutting materials and it is an amazing job to clean your cutting materials.

Use lemon for clean cutting boards

You just use lemon and squeeze the juice all over the boards; you just sponge to get it a good scrub that also gets you good results for removing crack, your wood board. And also you can follow the site, also use mineral oil or olive oil on the other side of the cutting boards, and again you want to just rub it, wipe all the oil on all sides and wait for the next use.

Soaked in Water Salt Solution to Remove Stain

Soaking in a water-salt solution to remove the stain is easier and it is available in every kitchen. But you do not know how many times it is. You can use 2/3 tablespoon salt and mix it in water and then soak your cutting board for 10 minutes on it. It is the better solution to remove the stain on your wounding board. It is a natural and also a hygienic way to save germs on cutting materials.

Can You Wash a Wooden Cutting Board in the Dishwasher?

No. You are never to do it. You can just use soap and water to clean it but never use a dishwasher to clean it for really good care of it. The dishwasher can damage your board’s beauty and natural glace. So most kitchen experts are always forbidden from using the dishwasher. But when it comes to drying it you can use hand dry but never use air dry because it can help to maintain the quality of it.

How to disinfect a wood cutting board

However, you need to disinfect your wood materials but do not know how to disinfect wood cutting board. You should disinfect one or 02 times a month. It disinfects, so can use hydrogen peroxide. When you go to disinfect it, you should put and sit for 15 to 20 minutes on hydrogen peroxide. After completing that you should dry it, after drying now you can use olive oil and let it absorb and dry.

I hope you can now find helpful tips, and now you keep your cooking utensils and your bowels looking beautiful.

What is the best oil for wood cutting boards- these more Essential Tips? 

In my explanation, I say that olive oil is the perfect oil for cutting boards because olive oil saves your wood cutting board from cracking. When your cutting board is over-dry it can crack. So you need oil to care for it. On the other hand, you can use food-grade safe mineral oil; you can also use coconut oil. If your oil is to use after a dry cutting board, then you get the perfect result of using oil.

The End

In this article, I discuss many useful tips on how to clean olive wood cutting board. Now if you apply my idea and process you will perfectly care about your cutting board, you will long time use it without cracking. You will get better results to use it and also get knife safe boards.

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    Yes you are right, soap and hot water are sufficient for cleaning your board. You don’t need to disinfect it unless you’re using it to prepare raw meat.


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